Cloud & Managed Services

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A stable and secure system is vital to your manufacturing business continuity – and today’s rising security concerns leave little room for risk.

With so much to manage, from OS support and upgrades to a custom-fit backup and recovery strategy, to secure hosting, your company requires multiple skill sets to cover a broad range of needs. But IT is not your company’s primary focus – and your limited internal IT resources are needed for higher-value tasks.

// PSGi provides a comprehensive approach to assessing and managing all of your system needs.

Our Cloud & Managed


Ongoing, day-to-day system support and administration, plus management of OS upgrades from start to finish.

Cloud & Hosting

Ensure your critical applications and information are safe and secure in a data center or cloud environment.

High Availability &
Backup Recovery

Find a cost-effective, cloud-based solution that’s custom-fit to your business to minimize risk.

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PSGi managed services do for your organization?

// Why PSGi?

We believe that there’s more to being an industry-leading provider of Cloud & Managed Services. So we provide exceptional business outcomes that go above and beyond our competitors’ service offerings – here’s how:

PSGi picks up where other managed service providers leave off.
We are the ONLY provider who delivers the full package – we support both your operating system AND your enterprise applications AND the interdependencies in between. No other provider bridges the gap between business software and operating system. That is why we are an integrated Managed Services Provider (iMSP).
We’re your strategic industry partner.
Our vertical knowledge in manufacturing and distribution is second to none. Are you growing your business? We’ll help you understand how your system architecture supports your evolving business needs and goals.
Refined approach to business process optimization.
We’ve acquired a deep understanding of how your manufacturing software is being used in your environment to support your unique business goals. See our three-step approach to business process optimization.
Need cloud hosting and managed services for your platforms?
We’ve got you covered, just let us know what you’re looking for!